In the wake of the controversial French editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo and cartoonists getting killed in Paris, social media was awash with the African elite hash tag shaming and damning the African big men for not intervening in Nigeria for about more 2000 or so were dead there just to add onto the many lives already swept away by the extremist militant group Boko Haram already in Nigeria. There was a street march where many European leaders joined the fronting for what am yet to determine whether is about mourning death or show of solidarity to the Charlie Hebdo work. In the institution of Charlie Hebdo the expression of events around the world have come out to be so controversial, ranging from among the many a few like the satirical expression of the Cheboke girls abduction by the extremist militant Boko Haram group in Nigeria, the Rwanda 1994 genocide (very disheartening as this was depicted as a game) to the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad who is highly cherished and honored to the Muslim world, and the once show of willingness to offend by the cartoon depiction of the holy trinity in a sexual ménage a trois, though lately emphasis has been on Islam and race majorly, wantonly with the awkward Arabic hook noses and bullet filled Koran.

Now to focus on the calls by the extremist groups and warning to the Charlie Hebdo about the cartoon of the Prophet, the whole question became a political one for the call ended in the branding of such calls as extremist and terror in nature hence the European Leadership march in Paris in show of solidarity. The Islamic community is never pleased with any expression, of the Prophet in a manner they consider demeaning and a show of mockery though the other world would brand it as right to freedom of expression and speech. Charlie Hebdo in memory and honor of its editorial staff, have their first Survivors Issue publication days after the attack and are doing record sales making their usual 60,000 copy sales dwarfed, the funds are to be given to the family as all the 3 million copies will hit stalls in France. The issue is still carrying its controversial cartoon of Prophet Muhammad holding a “je Suis Charlie” (I’m Charlie) signage bearing a headline “All Is Forgiven” to make satire come to its finest form. But one would poise to ask Why can’t Charlie Hebdo just stop the cartoons, the Muslim’s do not want that, and one would get the answer that relates to not cowing to the extremist Muslims to compromise the rights of freedom for the news man and then you know France to has been activated by these fellows.

Back to the subject of the African elite social media hash tag, the killings in Nigeria that have been ongoing for a good time now, a hast tag to “bring back our girls” has not culminated into their return but has rather exposed more of Goodluck Jonathan’s challenge in the security of his nation as more have been killed before any substantive government combative efforts have come hard onto the Boko Haram for an impact so close to ending the terror that has been brought unto the Nigerians over the past months.

To decimate the African collective effort, some few African muscle men have extended a hand of support to governments that are falling and also gone ahead to offer military support to broken nations like Somalia. In East Africa the IGAD has been meeting for the northern corridor and among others for the various conferences, as they also push for the EAC. Uganda to be precise has had more of its nation’s men and women in uniform to far engaging military campaigns up to the Central African Republic in pursuit of the “Lords” man and his group Joseph Kony with the aid of U.S forces ofcourse. In the same breath keeping a large number of forces in the horn of Africa with the neighboring Kenya where good results have been registered against the Al-Shabab from Kosgei to Mogadishu where road accidents are even reportedly becoming a more danger than the terrorist. Burundi and Rwanda to have extended their hand of support in Somalia and Darfur respectively, and so has the group of SADC including South Africa, Angola and the DRC launching campaigns inside the DRC itself to keep away the Rwandan enemy of former genocideiries FDLR and the DRC internal enemy of M23 which has recently gone into submission and sought the olive branch. The nations have been very successful individually to assist and show brotherly support with very much impacting results where it has been due and not as the African Union which in any case would be in show of solidarity to avoid big men being told the time is now for their departure and have a stand by force to stop the events. This perhaps is why many of the muscle men are falling and the revolutions are televised to generate a lot of debate about who is next. The common interests are never on the Dark Continent built, until when the terrorist have come calling. One could ask why in Nigeria, there has not been show of support since the social media hash tag to bring back the girls, the answer would be that the African Union has not been told of a common interest by the Western power stakeholders in Washington and London on human rights to express freedoms of various elite discussion. Nigeria has many of its Oga men, and they are businessmen, the Boko Haram are known to be good with interests in the oil so until the tides rise so high, they still will not get a street march of African muscle men like Robert Mugabe to call unto collective effort against Boko Haram the interest of Africa and its muscle men are different and they come handy. If we could condemn the murders done in the name of Islam but as well restrain to condone the ideological purpose of mockery in dissemination of the liberal rights in expression, as this as well should not hold the due purpose of realizing a peaceful society void of phobia and offensive “satire.” So as I sum this up, there is no death more violent than another or more worthy of honor than the others, the duty is bound to all in giving a hand where it is due in avoidance of sacrilege to justify one against the other as violent murders should be branded that way. The men that marched in Europe in honor of Liberty ought to honor the violent death that has been placed upon the poor souls in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine among others. Our role is in honor of our duty towards Equality, Liberty, freedom and a peaceful society regardless of where that befalls.


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